Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who do you think you are? You might be surprised

Have you ever sat down with older family members and listen to their stories about your ancestors? Has any of the stories left you wanting to know more about your family? Well, I've heard so many stories that it left me wondering about the DNA that flowed through my veins. It's no wonder I became hooked on the television show "Who do you think you are?". If you haven't seen it and don't know what it's all about, the show shares celebrities discovering amazing things about their families/ancestors. I'm currently working on my family tree and my husband's family tree on I've got to tell you, we are having a lot of fun with it. There's a lot of research involved but well worth it.
True husband's mother has always stated that they had black foot Indian in them. Well, long story short....not to my surprise, they don't have any Indian in them at all. They are Scottish and German. And we found that out just by tracing his family members all the way back to Europe. Needless to say, my husband was shocked. He had been told his entire life that they had Indian DNA running through their veins. So naturally, he wondered were that part of the story came from. Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to that question.
Like my husband and I'm sure many others, I too have been told that I have Indian DNA running through my veins. But because I have many races making up my DNA, I did the DNA test through and I'm waiting for the results. I got to tell you, I'm pretty excited and can't wait to see the results.
I think it's important for people to know who they are and where they come from. If you watch "Who do you think you are?", I think the episode with Christina Applegate was very telling of the need for closure. Christine's father couldn't remember his mother and come to find out, she raised him while he was little. At some point, he ended up living with his grandmother. He thought he was about 8 years old when his mother passed away and they found out that he was thirteen. Unfortunately, they will never know what happened that he ended up with his grandmother but he was able to bring closure to some of the questions about his mother. And he was able to visit her burial site, which didn't have a monument...just a marker. They put a monument on the grave site three months later. This episode of the show was very touching and you can watch the full episode on the web-site: Nonetheless, if people can't get answers to their questions, they at least need some closure in order to heal, forgive, and/or discover what makes up their families...why we are the way we are and live the way do or did.
I'm definitely an advocate for the television show and

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Matthew Obenritter said...

The episode on Kelly Clarkson was equally as interesting - namely since she discovered one of her ancestors who fought for the Union survived incarceration at Andersonville Prison (GA) during the Civil War; escaped, was wounded by Union soldiers who mistook him for a scout and eventually became a man of some prominence in Ohio. This show is fascinating to say the least.