Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Ancestry Journey Continues....

Did you watch "Who do you think you are?" last night? Well, I did and I loved the story on Cindy Crawford's family. Her family history took her all the way back to the 700s! Wow! I'm not going to summarize her story here but I encourage you to watch it on TLC.
Well, I finally got my results from Ancestry! I was shocked! And not that I didn't have American Indian in me. I did have 4% "Uncertain", so I upload my DNA results to Gedmatch. What is Gedmatch? Well, it's a website that offers a service that makes a deeper comparison between genealogies and DNA test results to identify ancestral connections with distant cousins. Exciting, right? So, Gedmatch will unveil the 4% "Uncertain" and will breakdown the other ethnicities cited by Ancestry DNA.
I am happy to report that I have met via the website, several new cousins. One of which, I've become friends with on Facebook. This journey is turning out to be pretty amazing thus far.

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