Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scotch Eggs...

Scotch eggs are something I saw on a menu as an appetizer that sounded interesting but I didn't want to order them...wasn't sure if I would like them. So, I decided to make them myself as a test run. What I found out was that Scotch eggs are easy to make, can be more than an appetizer, and I could only eat one. It's just another way to eat sausage and eggs. 
Scotch eggs are served with mustard. I chose the honey and Dijon mustard for individual taste. 

To deep fry the eggs, I used a gluten free bread crumb. My husband is on a gluten free diet.
I used Crisco pure canola oil to fry the eggs.
 Electric deep fryer works best.
Boil your eggs....eggs must be hard boiled first.
While your eggs are boiling, prepare your sausage. Choose a 1lb of sausage that you enjoy. I used a mild sausage and added 2 stalks of diced green onion and parsley flakes. After mixing together, I rolled out 6 balls, however, I soon found out I only had enough to make 4 eggs because I used large eggs. To get 6, one must use medium sized eggs.
Keep the sausage refrigerated until ready to use (important detail), else the sausage will be to sticky to work with. You need a egg wash and the bread crumbs.

Cover the eggs in the sausage mixture, dip in the egg wash (just egg), and roll in the bread crumbs and they are ready for frying.
After frying in the deep fryer (temp. 325) for about 10 minutes, remove and let rest on paper towel to catch any excess oil.
 Ready to serve and enjoy!

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Gidget said...

They were really delicious.