Monday, April 9, 2012

Sink Love.....

It's funny how after you live in a few homes, you learn what you really like and don't like about them. For me, it makes me dream of my perfect 'dream home'. I currently live in what I call a 'cookie cutter' and I'm always looking for ways to spruce it up without going outside the homes worth (which isn't what it use to be with the crashing economy). So, I have to hold myself back from going over board. BUT that doesn't stop me from planning for my next home. I figure that I now know what I like and don't like and thanks to on-line places such as Pinterest and Houzz, I can save pictures and links to sources that I like. Which brings me to the topic of this post...SINKS! Sinks for every room. I never really gave a lot of thought about sinks but when I saw the beauties below, I fell in love. They are a must least in my kitchen.

This was the first picture I saw of the utility or scrub sink being used in the kitchen. It was love at first sight! I also love the color of the cabinets and the window.

Kohler sells the scrub sink or you can pay a fortune for a vintage one. (smiles)

This one can be used in the kitchen for the 'cook'. Great for large pots and pans.

In the adorable.

Okay...this isn't the utility or scrub sink but how creative. Behind the cabinet doors are the laundry washer/dryer (stacked). 
You can find them all on my Pinterest. Just click on the picture in Pinterest to find it's source.

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