Sunday, April 1, 2012

Door Love...

I recently mentioned that I will change my front door because it doesn't let in enough light. Well, here is my front door inspiration:
The Enchanted Home Blog
I would change the paint color to rust, since that is the current color of my front door. And I would change the knocker (not sure I would have one) and the door knob. But I would definitely keep the glass screen door. Since I'm talking about the front door, let's talk about the porch too. I currently have the standard builder concrete porch. This is what I would love to do:

 I love the wood floor and steps. Isn't it gorgeous! Okay...back to the inside my house. Another door that I'm changing is the door leading to the basement. This door will not get changed until after we have the basement finished.

I love dutch doors! I think it would be great to have this as the front door of a cottage house out in the country. But since I don't live in a cottage in the country, the dutch door would be perfect for the basement door. I like that you can keep the top part open so that you can hear what's going the door bell ringing, etc.

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