Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trip to and from Rochester, Minnesota

The drive to and from Rochester, Minnesota was absolutely beautiful. On the way back home we came up on the aftermath of a hail storm. Thank God it was 'after' the fact.

Bilotti's Italian Village...

While in Rochester, Minnesota, we found a place that has the BEST pizza. Absolutely loved it. The pizza crust was thin but not too thin and the cheese was the last thing to top it. What made the pizza so special was the sauce. And on top of it all, they served a gluten free pizza crust. My husband was able to have pizza for the first time in years. This place made our trip extra special.

Lasagna with Pepperoni!

My husband and I had to take to trip to Rochester, Minnesota this past week. Before leaving, at the kids request, I made them a lasagna. My daughter helped me make it and added a layer of pepperoni on the meat. I must say that it turned out DELICIOUS!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My trip to Paris

Another Paint Color!

I found another paint color for the fireplace by accident. It's Behr paint (Home Depot) Fossil Stone. 

Fossil Stone

I've started painting the fireplace and I'm making progress. 

Fossil Stone is a nice neutral. It has a hint of green (one of my favorite colors) in it. My paint job is far from over. This is just one coat of paint and as you can see, I'll need to do another.