Monday, February 20, 2012

Vitamin Water

I was never one to remember to take vitamins every day, except for when I was pregnant with my children. But when I was diagnosed with Lupus, my energy levels was always on empty. It was more than being just 'tired'. I always felt like I had just finish running a marathon. Seriously. I tried drinking coffee, which end up being an addiction and I would have about 5 cups a day just to make it through the work day at the office. Talk about crashing when I got home, well...I wasn't fit to do much afterwards. Then one day, I tried Vitamin Water. 

Ahhh....refreshing, energizing and it broke me from my 5 cups of coffee a day. Of course, I still have to pick and choose and plan how I spend my energy throughout the day, but with Vitamin Water, I have the energy to spend. I drink the Zero because I rather eat my calories and I drink about 2 bottles a day. Yes..2 bottles a day. Each flavor offers vitamins to boost certain things. I pick whatever flavor I'm in the mood for. 

I buy them in bulk from Sam's Club and from the grocery store and Target when they go on sale. I encourage everyone to try it...including my healthy friends. You will be glad you did.


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